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Learning English

Bài hát
Let Her Go - Passenger
(Chorus) Well you only need the [F]light when it's burning [C]low Only miss the [G]sun when it sta
kabigon91, 7 tháng 01, 2017 lúc 10:30am Am C Em F G 230k
Beautiful In White - Shane Filan
[C] Not sure if you [G] know this [Am] But when we [Em] first met [F] I got so [C] nervous [F] I cou
Trần Vĩnh Quang, 9 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 10:05am A Abm Am B Bm C C#m D E Em F F#m G 151k
Take Me To Your Heart - Michael Learns To Rock
[F]Hiding form the rain and snow Trying to [Dm]forget but I won't let go, [Bb]Looking at a crowded
oanhbgf, 5 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 11:54pm Am Bb C Dm F Gm 149k
Home - Michael Buble
[G]Another summer day [D]has come and gone away [Em]In Paris and [D]Rome but I wanna go [Cadd9]hom
kabigon91, 9 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 09:49am A Asus4 C Cadd9 D Em Em7 F G 66,210
Remember When - Alan Jackson
G Em C D (2x) Remember [G]when [Em]... I was young[C] and so were you[D] And time [G]stood [Em]... s
yunaduong, 9 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 10:19am A C D E Em F#m G G7 55,449
Just Give Me A Reason - Nhạc Âu Mỹ
[G]Right from the start You were a [C]thief You stole my [Em]heart And [C]I your willing [G]victim
Đinh Quang Trung, 11 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 12:44pm A Am Bm C D Em G 47,152
Oceans [C]apart [Am]day [F]after day And I [G]slowly go [C]insane I [C]hear your [Am]voice [F]on the
Trần Vĩnh Quang, 7 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 03:00pm Am C Dm7 F G 44,832
Impossible - Shontelle
Verse 1: [Em] I remember years ago [G] Someone told me I should take [D] Caution when it comes to
doantuoi, 22 tháng 01, 2018 lúc 03:19pm C D Dsus4 Em G 34,505
Betrayal - Yao Si Ting
My love has [C]gone [G]away, quietly after a [Am]hundered [Em]days. This is what's she [F]has always
Giang Nguyen, 14 tháng 03, 2014 lúc 03:31pm Am C Em F G 31,402
It's Not Goodbye - Laura Pausini
1. | [F#m]And what if I never kiss your lips again | [C#m/E]Or feel the touch of your sweet embrace
Trần Phương Quang, 14 tháng 01, 2014 lúc 11:20pm A Ab9 Am7b5 Bm C#7 C#m C#sus4 C7 Cm Dm Dmaj7 E F#m G#m7b5 G9 Gm 14,422
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Learning English
  29 tháng 03, 2018 lúc 10:38am