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We Don't Talk Anymore - Selena Gomez, Charlie Puth
Chorus: Charlie Puth We don't talk anymore We don't talk anymore We don't talk anymore
Nguyễn Hứa Quang Huy, 13 tháng 02, 2016 lúc 08:48pm Am Em F G 49,667
Papa - Paul Anka
Everyday my papa worked To help to make ends meet To see that we would eat (To) kee
oanhbgf, 7 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 08:48am A7 Bb C Dm F Gm 31,269
Im Yours - Jason Mraz
Tone gốc B Vòng hợp âm: 1. Well you done done me and you bet I felt it I [
katuma, 31 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 02:48pm Am C F G 29,922
Lemon Tree - Fool's Garden
Capo 2 Intro :Em Bm Em Bm Am Bm Em I'm Sitting Here In A Boring Room It's Just Another
Đinh Quang Hiếu, 12 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 01:06pm A Am B Bm C D Em G 29,874
That's Why You Go Away - Michael Learns To Rock
Bài này đang chơi ở Tone Baby won't you tell me why There is sadness in your eyes
Trần Vĩnh Quang, 7 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 01:33pm Am B7 Bb C Cm D Em F G Gm 20,688
Hello - Lionel Richie
I've been alone with you inside my mind And in my dreams I've kissed
Duy Nguyen, 5 tháng 07, 2017 lúc 09:42pm A#/D A7 Am Amadd9 C Cmaj7/G Dm E7 E7/5+ Em7/G F Fmaj7 G7 G7/F Pass a Pass b 16,892
Say You Will - Tokyo Square
1. Say you will, say you will be mine I just keep missing you to- night I feel
Trần Vĩnh Quang, 21 tháng 05, 2017 lúc 11:36pm A Am Bm C D D7 Eb Em G 16,545
Oceans apart day after day And I slowly go insane I hear your voice on the
Trần Vĩnh Quang, 7 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 03:00pm Am C Dm7 F G 14,988
She knows when I'm lonesome, she cries when I'm sad She's up in the good t
Trần Vĩnh Quang, 9 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 10:41am Am C Dm Dm7 E Em F G 12,955
Boulevard - Nathan Lee
Intro: V1: I don't know why, you said goodbye Just let me kno
katuma, 5 tháng 08, 2013 lúc 08:33pm Am C Dm E F G 8,986
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