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Thông tin nghệ sĩ

Imagine Dragons

Đóng góp thông tin
When the [C]days are cold and the [G]cards all fold And the [Am]saints we see are all [F]made of go
Chau Lai, 19 tháng 09, 2022 Am C F G 95,212
Verse [Am]First things first, I'ma say all the words inside my [F]head I'm fired up and tired of t
Dung Bui, 27 tháng 06, 2017 Am E E/G# F 40,938
Amazing song by an amazing band, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons Capo on the 2 fret standard tuning :
Đỗ Billy, 26 tháng 04, 2014 Am C D G 32,698
Verse 1: Oh [D]hush my dear, it's been a [D]difficult year And [Bm]terrors don't prey on [Bm]in
Vương Thiện, 7 tháng 11, 2018 A A/f# Bm D D/A F# G 20,267
Verse1: Well, [Dm] you hold the line When every one of them is giving up or giving in, tell me In
Cu tí , 18 tháng 07, 2018 A A7 Dm 8,540
Verse 1: [C] Just a young gun with a quick fuse, I was uptight, wanna let loose [F] I was dreaming
Quốc Tiến, 16 tháng 12, 2017 Am C Dm Em F G 7,569
[D]So this is what you meant when you said that you were spent? [A] And now it's time to build from
thanhkha1994, 4 tháng 01, 2016 A Bm D Em G 7,050
(Tone gốc E : Capo 4 ) Intro: [C] (Verse) [C]There she goes in front of me Take my life and set me f
NkokPaul, 22 tháng 06, 2016 Am C Dm Em F G 6,833
Verse1 [Am]Falling too fast to prepare for this [G]Tripping in the world could be dangerous [Em
Quốc Sơn, 12 tháng 11, 2017 Am C D Em F G 5,630
Verse 1 : As a [Em]child you would [D]wait And [Cadd9]watch from far [B7]away But you [Em]always
Nguyễn Hồng Quang , 26 tháng 01, 2019 B7 Cadd9 D Em G 4,603